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Our Story

Lan is one of my best friends from Vietnam and she is disabled. She told me she fell in love with quilling cards and started her quilling job accidently. It was 2007 when she went to a handmade expo. This was the first time she saw quilling cards which were made by a group of disabled people like her. She said she loved this and was really impressed by every detail and design of quilling card. When she returned home, she watched hundreds of quilling card tutorial video clips on youtube. Then, she leant to make quilling cards by herself. It took her a few months to  make a completed quilling card for the first time. She made these just because of her love and passion for them  and not for a business purpose. Sometimes, she sent her own-made quilling cards to her beloved people for special occasions only. Fortunately, I received her quilling card on my wedding two years ago. Honestly, my wife and I were so surprised by her special gift card. I found that her quilling card is an art instead of a card only. It came up in my mind immediately a question “why shouldn’t we bring such unique and amazing gift cards to others?”. Then, we started our dream of sending art to others.